Preserving wealth throughout retirement

Retirement makes managing your money more important than ever. Like any other stage in your life, factors such as your retirement goals and the economic environment may change, requiring you to make adjustments to your portfolio.

We can work with you to regularly review and reassess your portfolio and help give you confidence that your portfolio is appropriately balanced between growth-oriented investments and income-focused assets. We can also help you with wealth management needs like income projections, distribution planning, estate and legacy planning, as well as other essential needs such as life insurance and long-term care insurance.

In addition to an ongoing review of needs, goals and investment performance, we can help you understand how routine decisions can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your long-term plans. For example, consolidating cash accounts – including savings accounts, money market funds and checking accounts – can make it easier to monitor your savings and spending and take advantage of lower fees and higher interest rates.


Even though formal development of Mill Creek started back in the 1950s, it wasn’t until August 30, 1983, that the city was incorporated – making it one of the youngest cities in Washington.